's Smart ROAS Bidding Strategy

Santa Monica, CA

Published September 2017 turned to Google’s Target ROAS bidding strategy to ramp up high-value sales for its clients.


increase in conversions


increase in gross profits at target ROAS

About, Inc. is an online destination that offers coupons and deals that are redeemable at nationally recognized merchant web sites and stores.


  • wanted to drive incremental coupon redemptions while maintaining its ROAS.
  • The brand sought to maximize profits from its digital campaigns—even if it meant increasing its ad spend.
  • aimed to save time for its campaign managers by reducing their need to monitor multiple Google Ads bid adjustments for location and audience.


  • tested 32 campaigns with Google’s Target ROAS (tROAS) bidding strategy and compared results with its own manual bidding efforts.
  • Smart Bidding allowed to set unique bids for every auction while optimizing against a wider range of contextual signals.
  • tROAS consistently optimized campaigns across all devices toward an aggressive target ROAS, and maintained that ROAS once it was reached.
  • With the success of tROAS Smart Bidding, the brand increased its campaign spend, continues to bid more strategically, and now gets more high-value conversions.

“The tROAS bid strategy consistently drove an increase in high-value conversions while maintaining the desired campaign ROAS.”

– Tim Katlic, Director of Marketing at