One Click Ventures eyes 200% ROAS with Customer Match

Greenwood, IN

Published July 2017

One Click Ventures knows that maintaining a strong customer base is crucial to any business, whether big or small. So to help turn their one-time buyers into lifetime fans, they turned to Customer Match.


increase in click-through rate


increase in conversion rate


increase in ROAS


One Click Ventures is a small business, offering people a convenient and affordable way to buy eyewear online across the, Sunglass Warehouse and felix + iris brands.


  • Grow lifetime customer value
  • Improve campaign efficiency


  • Worked with their agency, Hanapin Marketing, to implement Customer Match lists on all search campaigns
  • Increased bid adjustments for high-value customer segments

“Acquiring new customers is crucial to our success, but it can be very expensive unless we keep those customers engaged with our brand. Customer Match has fulfilled that need by reminding our past customers about us right as they start their search process.”

– Chad Siovaila, Acquisition Marketing Manager at One Click Ventures