Click-to-message ads accelerate lead generation for Career Path Training

St. Petersburg, Florida

Published May 2017

Career Path Training (CPTC) trains the most sought-after commercial drivers for top commercial trucking companies in the United States. Using click-to-message ads, CPTC significantly increased its volume of qualified leads within a week and doubled this further with subsequent optimizations.


more qualified leads in one week


higher lead to sales conversion rate compared to other channels

About Career Path Training

Career Path Training (CPTC) opened its first Roadmaster Drivers School in 1992 to deliver high-quality education and placement assistance for its graduates. Through its Roadmaster subsidiaries, it has successfully trained over 75,000 men and women to gain employment as professional entry-level commercial truck drivers. It has now grown to 11 school locations across the nation and recently began offering both manual and automatic transmission training to become the gold standard in truck driving schools.


  • Drive more qualified leads to its call center.
  • Improve the lead to sales conversion rate.


  • Implemented message extensions across all its search campaigns.
  • Added a “Click Here to Text Us” call-to-action in extension text to maximize send rates and make it clear that users would be engaging with the company via text message.
  • Requested contact information in initial text messages to make sure customers were committed to getting more information before routing them to a call center representative.

“We are very happy with the performance of click-to-message ads. It’s performing above other channels as a lead generation tool, with over 30% of texts we receive turning into a qualified lead for our call centers to pursue. We’re excited to see this grow further as messaging becomes a go-to way for consumers to reach out to businesses.”

– Andrew Penn, Career Path Training Corp.