Be just a Google search away.

Search ads appear next to Google search results when people look for products and services you offer. And, you only pay when people click to visit your website or call your business.

Search Campaigns


Create your search ad.

Building your first search ad can take just a few minutes. Start by writing an ad that tells people what you offer.


Locate your customers with keywords.

Next, choose the keywords that potential customers might search for on Google to find your business.


Set your search ads budget.

Set a daily budget, and your ad is ready to go live.

How people see your ad.

On PCs, tablets, and smartphones, if the words people type into Google match your keywords, your ad can appear above the search results.
You only pay when people click — either to go to your website or to call your business. With millions of searches per day on Google, you can make sure your customers notice your brand, consider your offerings, and take action.

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Measure, learn, and grow.

Once your ads are running, you can get reports to see how they are performing — and make adjustments anytime. You can also create different ads to see which ones perform best.