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How The Sak increased conversions by 700% with Display ads

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How The Sak increased conversions by 700% with Display ads

  • Promote new branding with customers
  • Reach new audience of women ages 30 and over
  • Promote brand’s new look and feel to potential customers using visually rich responsive display ads
  • Re-engage website visitors with responsive display ads
  • 700% increase of in-platform conversions
  • 69% lower cost-per-click
  • 205% increase in impressions with a 976% increase in click-through-rate

“Responsive display ads allowed The Sak to push rebranded content with our most elevated products, resulting in average order value 20% higher than our other channels. We continue to look for channels that allow The Sak to use our creatives to attract new customers across the websites and apps already in their daily routines, and responsive display ads allow us to do just that.”

- Matt Speight, VP of Finance, Planning & Analysis at The Sak Brand Group

About the company

The Sak has always been about more than bags. Each style captures its love of handcrafted, textural designs made from sustainable materials rooted in both traditional and reinvented techniques.


After The Sak rebranded in 2021, they were looking for the best way to promote their new aesthetic with current customers and reach a new target audience of women ages 30 and over.


With new branding to share, The Sak turned to responsive display ads, which use machine learning to speed up the design and iteration process to deliver engaging display ads faster than ever across websites, apps, YouTube, and Gmail.

Through partnership with their digital agency and strategic consulting firm, January Digital, The Sak had experienced success with responsive display ads in the past, helping drive interest through engaging formats. This time, responsive display ads allowed January Digital and The Sak to re-engage website visitors with their updated brand image across millions websites at a low cost. With the help of Display campaigns and new creatives, they were able to increase engagement and online conversions from their new target audience.


Since using responsive display ads in October 2021 to reflect The Sak’s new branding, they have increased in-platform conversions by 700% and driven consumers to their site at a lower cost with a cost-per-click decrease of 69%. The Sak also saw a 205% increase in impressions with a 976% increase in click-through-rate.

With responsive display ads, The Sak benefited from the scale of automation while protecting their brand guidelines.

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